August 10, 2010

The latest edition of MORON Magazine

I try not to be political, but I LOVE satire, and this is just too funny to ignore. Glenn Beck has made the August cover of MORON Magazine.

I've become a big fan of "The Mad Artist" who has apparently taken on Moron Magazine as editor-in-chief. He had previously allowed me to post his hilarious creations here and here. Some of those images have been steadily climbing in Google search results. Now he's already talking about the next issue of Moron Magazine. I have to admit that I love this idea, as mean as it may seem.
Glenn Beck is known for his emotion-based logic, on-air sobbing, and doomsday warnings. He seems to go way off the deep end sometimes. So I have no reservations about this image showing up in a Google image search list for his name. Whether I agree with him or not has nothing to do with satire. As someone who grew up reading and loving Mad Magazine, I'm willing to support offbeat humor. In fact, this has Mad Magazine written all over it.
If Beck has a sense of humor, he ought to get a kick out of this too!  Or maybe he'll be sad and cry like a baby... 


  1. So.... as if making fun of people and laughing at shortcommings that don't exist with no basis whatsoever wasn't bad enough, you also claim to do this for no reason other than you think it's funny. Not only do you seem to be stupid, you also seem to be obnoxious.

  2. I didn't think I'd need to defend or define the word "satire" when I posted this, but since you obviously don't understand it...
    "Satire" is a literary work purposely created to belittle or savagely ridicule its subject. It often seeks to expose human folly using humor, irony, criticism and/or sarcasm. It can be funny to some and arouse contempt in others.

    And, yes, I support any and all artist's desire to use it, from Jonathan Swift, Mark Twain, Poe, Dickens, Voltaire and Will Rogers to Saturday Night Live, Mad Magazine, The Onion and South Park.
    Ever read a Doonesbury strip? Ever watch The Simpsons? Did you whine to editors of The New Yorker when they published a cartoon of the Obamas dressed as muslims on their cover?
    No, I didn't think so.

    If you're against satirical art, then you should be protesting movies like Chaplain's, The Great Dictator, M*A*S*H, Airplane and Dr Strangelove. You should also be crying about ALL editorial cartooning, caricature and parody. Instead, you call me names for supporting this particular artist's freedom of speech to create a satirical piece about your hero, Glenn Beck, who himself rails against the loss of freedoms in this country.
    What YOU lack, sir, is a sense of humor.
    Maybe you just need to lighten up!

  3. Thank you for further proving my point. I understand satire and don'[t need an amateur to explain. Thanks for trying. You remind me of someone from my past who was equally loudmouthed and self admiring. Your work isn't art and your name shouldn't be on the same page with names like Twain. I have pity on you for feeling the need to categorize yourself with such company. I am sorry that you have confused satire with obnoxious drivel.

  4. First, this is not my art, but the work of a street artist who calls himself “The Mad Artist”. And you should know that your comments truly amuse him.
    Secondly, I was brought up on the east coast. My skin is far thicker than you can imagine so your childish personal attacks on me have no effect.
    Thirdly, I briefly visited your hyper-religious website and see that you also call Charles Darwin’s work “drivel” (even though you haven’t bothered to read his book), so I’m in good company.

    Lastly, I’m always up for a discussion, so if you can muster some specific criticism with a civil tone, I’ll be happy to respond. You see, you also have the freedom to express your opinion, and you are basically doing exactly the same thing that he is, so what’s really your problem?

  5. I should have noticed that your tone in this discussion is quite distinctive from that of the post. I'm glad to hear that you didn't write it. In some ways you seem more reasonable, except when you call my work hyper-religious or read into my words that Beck is my hero. I still don't like this write up at all because the only real opinion that it communicates is that the writer enjoys poking fun. I did, however, look up your personal work. It is quite spectacular. And that really is to say the least. I would love to see you take this post down because it is lacking in substance and unbecoming of your artistic mind.

  6. Your compliments about my personal artwork are very much appreciated. And thanks for the softer response.

    In regards to removing the Beck image, it is clearly satire. Watch any monologue by Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel and you’ll see them also “poking fun”. Most people just don’t take it that seriously. And I have little sympathy for Glenn Beck who has made a fortune criticizing and ridiculing other people. I do not see a need to remove the Moron Magazine image any more than I see a need to remove content from Glenn Beck’s radio or cable show. I also chose to allow your initial insults when I could have easily blocked them from appearing.
    But I do understand you may feel differently. Art is subjective. Images represent different things to different people. As far as it being “unbecoming of my artistic mind”, I think I’ll decide that for myself, which I endeavor to do with an open mind.

  7. Love the cuckoo clock in the background with the three hands !!