March 16, 2009

Light is the Root of All Beauty

Every morning when I get up, I go to the window to see what the sun is doing to the sky and to the ocean. When I leave the house I can't help but notice the moving shadows on the sidewalk from palm trees dancing in the wind. I'll pull over on the highway to photograph the mountain if the clouds happen to be doing something interesting. I try to catch every sunset and every moon, because every time I see these things, it's like seeing them for the first time.

I've been drawing and painting since I was a kid. And lighting everything from heavy metal rock bands to ballets. Lighting a stage and painting a canvas are very similar activities in that they both deal with color, contrast, symmetry, timing and execution. Sometimes it's all about impact and other times call for subtlety.

I'm using this opportunity to blog about the craftsmanship of my painting for anyone who might find it interesting to read about the process, the inspiration, or the purpose behind the paintings, Linked to my art portfolio website, you may find a piece that you like and maybe you'll read a little more about how and why that piece came about. There's a place to comment if you like.

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