December 11, 2011

Astrella's art on a new CD

The second CD by the New England band, Deep 6, titled "2 DEEP" has finally been released and features my artwork on the front and back covers. I created the logo image on the front over a year ago which has a gravestone and a creepy-looking character I call "Red Skulleton" holding Jimmy D'Angelo's Jackson guitar and wrote about it here. I also had vinyl stickers made of RED for Dave Balcom's kick drums.

For the back cover, Jimmy asked me if he could use one of my paintings called "Moonbeam". I had given Jimmy a print of this painting and I was honored to let them place it on the back of their CD. They asked if I could make it black & white and I manipulated it a bit to conform to the size of the CD package.
Only since it's release did Jimmy point out to me that the beam of light from the moon creating the shadow on the foggy ocean actually forms the image of a "6", as in Deep 6.
Guess it was meant to be.

Hear the music of Deep 6 here.