October 19, 2009

Setting up for an Aerosmith show

A long-anticipated Aerosmith show on Maui began to take shape yesterday with the scaffolding and stage being erected in an open football stadium. Today is the day before the show. The lighting and sound systems were being put up and I took a few pictures of the local crews working on it. These are some of the people who work long hours behind-the-scenes to make shows like this happen in the Hawaiian islands.

Bonnie of Hawaii Stage & Lighting stands in front of her stage & lighting equipment.

Dado throws a shaka after coming down off the spot

Vance shows off a bicep on the stage

Trevor tries to outdo Vance's bicep and succeeds.

Jonny G surveys the line array before it gets hauled up.

Pete gets ready to ROCK!

Lastly, the Blimp of Bruce's head is inflated and sent aloft over the tent.

October 13, 2009

Water Found on the Moon!

Yes, there IS water on the Moon.
That means I'm going ahead with my latest entrepreneurial venture... to bring back the finest, purest water from the polar regions of the Moon, then bottle it and sell it to the entire planet!

Moon RiversTM bottled water will taste like no other water on this Earth... pure, crisp and completely free of pollutants and bacterial contaminants... and with just a slight hint of fine, aged cheese. It contains minerals rich in calcium, iron and magnesium... the original Moonshine!

The low gravitational environment of the moon's polar regions has given this premium water a unique
characteristic that will make it go down very, very slowly, filling the craters of your soul.
Stored in a frozen state for over 4 BILLION years, Moon Rivers lunar polar water will soon be Shuttled to your local dealer who will deliver it to your home or business each lunar month for your healthy enjoyment.

We hope to get the
endorsements of the likes of Buzz Aldrin or Neil Armstrong to appear in commercials accompanied by background music playing the Andy Williams favorite, "Moon River".

Sing along with Neil:
"Moon Rivers, wider than a mile,
I'm drinking you in style some day."

Now YOU can get moonstruck by this exciting enterprise and become a part of it.
Caspian Sea Wells, LLC is currently seeking capital investors to help finance this new venture. Don't miss the opportunity to get in on the ground floor! Only a few have walked on the moon, be one of the first to wade into the ocean of opportunity in the southern pole basin where the tides of wealth await your investment. Shoot for the moon! Send your investment check to me personally and I'll send you a share ($100 dollars = 1 share).
BUT WAIT! That's Not All... for only a limited time, I'll also send you a nifty Moon Sponge©!
BUT WAIT! I'll send you a second Moon Sponge Free! Act Now!

October 01, 2009

Halloween Celebrities

Courtesy of "The MAD ARTIST"

Al "Gory" Gore


Wolf "the Wolfman" Blitzer




Oprah, Queen of Snakes