October 19, 2009

Setting up for an Aerosmith show

A long-anticipated Aerosmith show on Maui began to take shape yesterday with the scaffolding and stage being erected in an open football stadium. Today is the day before the show. The lighting and sound systems were being put up and I took a few pictures of the local crews working on it. These are some of the people who work long hours behind-the-scenes to make shows like this happen in the Hawaiian islands.

Bonnie of Hawaii Stage & Lighting stands in front of her stage & lighting equipment.

Dado throws a shaka after coming down off the spot

Vance shows off a bicep on the stage

Trevor tries to outdo Vance's bicep and succeeds.

Jonny G surveys the line array before it gets hauled up.

Pete gets ready to ROCK!

Lastly, the Blimp of Bruce's head is inflated and sent aloft over the tent.

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