September 15, 2010

Rockin' from the Grave

Deep 6 is a band based out of central Massachusetts.  I've just completed an update of their band logo for them.  The band is comprised of talented veteran rockers Dave Belcom, Al Gallo and Jimmy D'angelo.  The logo stems from Jimmy's desire to be buried with his Jackson guitar.

My history with Jimmy and his band incarnations runs from The Joneses, Mad Angel, August, Code Blue and Deep 6.  I was always a fan of his music and will be devoted to him as a buddy til the end.  I toured with Jimmy D's heavy metal band, August, as their lightman back in the early 80's.  Boston was the wild west of rock and roll back then.  When I think about all the shoddy electrical panels and unsafe rigging in some of those clubs, (not to mention the other vices) it's a wonder I survived at all.
Fortunately, I had a good friend in Ron "Zaz" Pitts with me.  Ron was the band's sound engineer and we had some wild and hilarious experiences working those gigs. He also lives on Maui now and is a regular contributing artist to Maui Time Weekly.  Ron and I once went to Denny's after a gig and started cartooning on place mats and napkins while shoveling eggs and coffee down our throats.  We had so much fun 'tooning, we didn't leave until noon the next day!

I created the image of "Red Skulleton" a few years ago and had used him on t-shirts and a few other products.  After seeing it, Jimmy thought Red would look cool gracing his guitar, so I had decals made to fit the guitar and Dave's kick drums.  Photos of the applied decals will be forthcoming.

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