July 13, 2011

I KNOW you like it...

A little over a year ago I had an idea for a custom bass guitar in the shape of a shovel.  I created a couple of images in Photoshop and posted them on this blog here.
I called it the Gravedigger and followed this image with another of some guy playing it.  Of course, I didn't actually build it but I'm hoping somebody actually gives it a shot.

What I noticed from my blog stats was that a lot of people were looking at the shovel bass, mostly from Europe.  Musicians discussed its paint, pickups and design on a few guitar forums, like this one, and some people were actually questioning if it was real or Photoshopped, which gave me a chuckle.  As the post received more and more hits I began to occasionally search for "custom bass guitar" in Google Images and recently found it had actually climbed to reach the #1 spot.

Currently, the two images I posted are #2 and #3.  Not bad!  Shows you're interested.. Now will somebody please make it!?

1 comment:

  1. Ha, I would love to make this, it's an incredibly simple design. I'm currently looking for designs to build and this one just might win out.