September 08, 2011

Cool Objects

Here’s some of the objects that I’ve been living with, because I just think they’re cool.

I saw this vase in a shop and had to have it. It’s a basic ceramic flower vase shape, but it’s got this metal covering over it.  It's both feminine and masculine at the same time. See how perfectly the metal had been contoured over the vase. There are imperfections, and they give it that hand made look that I like.

I had to buy this teapot after seeing the classic shape and design. Hey, I’m a coffee drinker, but this needed to be on my shelf.

Once again, the combination of ceramic and metal intrigued me and the painted floral design and ballet pose of the handle and spout made it irresistible. I bought it with the idea that I could use it as an object in a still life painting someday.
A poised leopard stands guard over my television.

And a black cougar crouches near the bookshelf. He’s just keeping an eye on the books and the teapot.

There's a commotion over on a table in the corner. Two eagles are fighting with each other over who guards my wall paintings.

But they don't need to fight because the wall is protected by a large, metal warrior's shield with intricate details of lions and parrots.

I believe I am well protected!

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